"We combine
Innovation and Design"

follows function

The demand for thermal management products and adequate accessories by STEGO is constantly increasing. One reason for this increase is that our products are designed with years of practical experience to perfect the needs of users. Additionally the design is optimised in respect to functionality and follows market requirements for space, usability and durability. The combination of innovative features and outstanding design makes our solutions so unique.

Design for Perfect Thermal Managment

With a combination of sophisticated design and asthetic properties, as well as ground-breaking product features we make thermal management not only more efficient, more economical and safer, we also offer components proving STEGO's claim once more.

We focus on continuous improvement and try to exceed our own high standards on every occasion. The thermostats STO 011 and STS 011 for example: we completed a proven product line with these thermostats and thus extended the overall range with new product features. This innovation will gives our customers the good feeling that they have chosen the right product and lets them benefit from innovative features and an intelligently applied design.