Condition monitoring is a major part of predictive maintenance, not only in enclosures and switch cabinets but in a variety of applications. It offers a method of addressing an occurring problem within a working system, before it may actually develop into a major failure or malfunction of equipment. The basis of condition monitoring is to register physical data permanently or at regular intervals. Smart Sensors record temperature and humidity among other parameters, and convert the measured data into analog or digital signals.


More than just a
Climate Sensor

The new Smart Sensor CSS 014 is not only a climate sensor, or temperature sensor/humidity sensor. It combines three functions in one: sensor, interface and transmitter. The most recent standards of microtechnology and microsystems technology (sub areas of  sensor technology and measurement technology) used in intelligent sensors of small sizes, are the basis for our CSS 014.

As an expert for Thermal Management and enclosure climatisation, we decided to get started with an intelligent sensor that records the ambient temperature and humidity. The specified temperature measuring range is -40 to +60 °C. We will offer different temperature ranges upon request. The measuring range for air moisture covers 0 to 100 % relative humidity. An intelligent sensor is, however, not restricted to temperature and humidity – it can also be equipped with additional functions, i.e. the calculation of the dew point, measurement of air flow, fine dust pollution or gases in general. The data that is recorded is converted into an electrical signal that can be further processed. The Smart Sensor CSS 014 currently provides conversion into a standardised 4-20 mA analog signal. Another standardised interface format is, for example, the digital signal IO-Link.

The data is transferred to a control center or monitoring unit via connecting cable or wireless, which makes the Smart Sensor CSS 014 also suitable for remote monitoring. The recorded measurement data can either be logged at the control center, or countermeasures can be defined and initiated. The complete process from recording data to data output is consolidated in one product, and goes far beyond the function of just “a sensor”. Another advantage of the Smart Sensor CSS 014 is that it cannot only be placed in an enclosure or switch cabinet, it can find use in any type of standard application within a defined atmosphere.