Small Semiconductor Heater
RCE 016 | 5W, 9W

  • Wide voltage range
  • Dynamic heating up
  • Energy saving
  • Compact

Small heaters designed to prevent condensation and to ensure a minimum operating temperature in small enclosures. The heaters are designed for permanent operation.

Operating voltage120-240V AC/DC¹ (min. 110V, max. 265V)
Heating elementPTC resistor, temperature limiting
Heater bodyaluminium
Mountingsee Accessories
Fitting positionvariable
Dimensionslength 45mm, Ø 10mm
Operating/Storage temperature-45 to +70°C (-49 to +158°F)
Operating/Storage humiditymax. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection type/Protection classIP54 / II (double insulated)
ApprovalsVDE, UL File No. E234324 (according to UL 508A, NITW File on request), EAC
Accessoriesmounting clips (see illustration), Art. No. 09008.0-01
Noteother voltages on request

¹ Operating with voltages below 140V AC/DC reduces heating performance by approx. 10%.

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Art. No.Heating capacity²Inrush current max.Recommended pre-fuse T (time-delay)Surface temperature (approx.)ConnectionWeight (approx.)
01622.0-005W2.0A2.0A+165°C2 x AWG 22 cable (silicone)20g
01623.0-009W2.5A4.0A+175°C2 x AWG 22 cable (silicone)20g

² at +20°C (+68°F) ambient temperature

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Technical drawing

Small Semiconductor Heater RCE 016 Series

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